4 oz. Lavender Vanilla Apricot Body Oil

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The lovely scents of Lavender & Vanilla blended with skin drenching vitamins in a Apricot oil which has amazing vitamins already!


Apricot seed oil is very light and gentle on the skin. This is used to moisturize normal and oily skin. The texture of this oil is very light making it perfect for the face.

Apricot kernel seed oil doesn’t give a greasy coat on the application. This also rehydrates your skin. Natural apricot seed oil contains gamma linoleic acid that is useful to firm and tone your skin. This also contains Vitamin A and E to soothe and slow down the aging process. It has nourishing properties and an anti-inflammatory effect to soothe eczema.

This blend will help you to get rid of clogged pores, a shiny nose and will also moisturize dry skin.

Use lavender oil for skin to help reduce redness, blotchy patches, and acne scarring. Lavender oil's anti-inflammatory properties make it great for soothing and healing skin that's irritated or reddened from the sun, insect bites, or bacteria.

Lavender oil works to kill bacteria, and this can prevent and heal acne breakouts. It unclogs pores and reduces inflammation when you put it on your skin. To use this lavender vanilla oil for acne apply it to your skin after washing your face.

Lavender oil can also be used to treat psoriasis. The lavender oil helps cleanse your skin and lessen redness and irritation. Use this essential oil blend for eczema also, you can use it daily.

Lavender oil for face wrinkles:

Free radicals are partly responsible for fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Lavender oil is full of antioxidants, which help protect you from the free radicals. This can be used as a moisturizer once or twice a day.

If you have a sunburn, a lavender oil can help. Apply onto your sunburn. Use the oil two or three times a day until the sunburn heals.



While lavender oil is relatively safe, it can cause discomfort for some. Stop using the oil if you experience any negative side effects.

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