*Everyone's Favorite* Lemon Honey Love Scrub

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Lemon honey love! For those with acne, scaring & dark spots (people without acne prone and/or scaring can also use this for a great skin toner to get that amazing, soft healthy glow)

Ingredients: Coconut oil Vitamin C which builds collagen & helps skin renewal ORGANIC AHA - also known as Alpha hydroxy acid *Some Dermatologists recommend a topical remedy with this ingredient to exfoliate and to brighten the skin* An organic natural humectant to keep skin moist while treating.

Keep in mind scar removal, lightening is a long process some longer than others.

3 things to remember when attempting to treating scars, acne & dark spots: First, you want to lighten the scars and get rid of all the dead skin cells, so exfoliation is key. Second, thing is you ALWAYS want to rebuild the elasticity in your skin so introducing a natural collagen building agent is very important. Lastly, HYDRATION - after this exfoliation PLEASE make sure to follow up with a natural moisturizer, whether it is an oil based or cream.


Directions: With a clean face use 2 tablespoons and massage the mixture on to your skin where there are skin issues, scars, acne and dark spots leave on for about 10-15 minutes, wash off with luke warm water and pat dry. Moisturize lightly. It normally takes about 3-4 applications a week for 2 weeks to see some results. Could be sooner, may take longer for deeper scaring. 

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