4 oz. Galaxy Glitter Skin Conditioner

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All the galaxy glitter hype is real!  It's here!

instant fix!

There’s no better way to heal dry, damaged skin and hair than with 100% vegetable magic. This kosher magic not only conditions and protects your skin, it adds moisture that repairs dry and damaged hair & skin.
This vegetarian formula is safe for daily use. 

Not an oil, not a lotion.... Just magic!

  • It’s a humectant which means it pumps moisture into the skin
  • It is non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog up skin pores) so it’s perfectly safe to be used by those with oily and acne prone skin
  • Has oil-control properties. This which makes it a good ingredient for a toner.
  • Has anti-aging properties. Glycerin is very moisturizing, which is a very important property for youthful skin. Dry skin is super prone to wrinkles!
  • Smoothens skin. If you have rough and tough skin, glycerin will smooth it down! It has a silky texture that softens and smoothens skin.

Dirrctions: To use, place about 2-4 drops on your palm then rub both palms together and apply on your face right after cleansing (and toning, if you do it). Massage it in then apply your usual moisturizer. If you have oily or acne prone skin, then you can try using the serum as a moisturizer! It’s hydrating and nourishing on its own! Use after a shower or bath to keep water inside your skin. Use at anytime you feel you want the glitter to be shimmering all over you while keeping you extremely soft and silky! 


***Please note the Bronze Goddess shows very magically on bronzed, olive and darker shades of skin***