1 oz. Healing Facial Oil Blend with 24k Gold added

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PERSONALIZED Facial Oil Blends with 24k Gold added!

Made specifically for you! All you need to know is your skin type and we will formulate your blend!

Face oil is essential;

a multi-tasking skincare product that does it all.

Part cleanser (yes, you can actually use this face oil to cleanse your face and remove makeup), part moisturizer-meets-serum-meets-cream-meets-lotion, face oil is a powerhouse beauty product every woman needs.

It can literally replace all those dozens of bottles you have on your bathroom counter with just one simple product.

Face oils can be customized to all skin types, whether you’re blemish-prone with acne (or acne scars) and oily skin, suffer from dry or sensitive skin and need some extra moisture and hydration, have mature skin that needs anti aging ingredients to minimize wrinkles or have uneven skin with hyperpigmentation.


The truth is that many oils actually help balance oil production and fight the bacteria that causes acne. Not to mention the fact that using harsh topical chemicals that strip our skin of its natural moisture barrier dries out our skin AND causes our bodies to produce more oil to compensate, which (ironically) can actually break you out.

SO, don’t be afraid of using oil on your skin. Though everyone will react differently to different ingredients and you’ll need to patch test to ensure your skin responds well to this face oil, all of the oils above are actually incredibly nourishing, moisturizing and healthy for your skin and should not break you out.


Directions: Rather than massaging lots of oil into your skin and rubbing for maximum absorption, face oils work best when gently applied with clean hands. Since you want the oils to actually penetrate your skin, we recommend applying your face oil first, before sunscreens, other topical treatments you might use or makeup. Because face oils are fantastic natural moisturizers, simply apply after washing your face. After washing your face, apply 3-5 drops of face oil to clean hands. Rub hands together to warm up the oil and gently pat face and neck. 

That’s it! Truly, that’s all your skin needs. 

*Note: Certain oils should be avoided by pregnant women, infants, and young children, so be sure to consult your doctor before using any oils. 



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