Tea Tree & Vinegar Facial Toner

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Troubled complexion a challenge? Acne prone, oily or combo skin this toner is for you! Let Tea Tree & Vinegar Facial Toner help!

Stressed skin is calmed, brightened and made more radiant through the power of pH balancing Apple Cider Vinegar, deeply cleansing Tea Tree Oil, and clarifying Organic White Willow Bark.

This toner is the perfect for challenged skin.

Toning is an important step in any serious skin care regime, and it can often be overlooked. Remember - toners help the skin by balancing the pH, minimizing the look of pores, removing residuals missed during cleansing and preparing the skin to receive the serums and moisturizers to come.

Directions: After cleansing face, apply a moderate amount of toner all over the face. Allow to dry, and follow with a serum or moisturizer. *The scent isn't lingering*